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Accruals Plus

The Accruals Plus Add-on can be added to any version of Time Wolf. The Accruals Plus Add-on gives operators the ability to create more complex accrual policies.

For your convenience, you can download or print the product information by right clicking on the link below and select "Save Link/Target As"

Time Wolf Zephyr

Time Wolf Zephyr offers a sophisticated proximity badge reader, audible alert system and the capability of processing your payroll rules.

Time Wolf Juno

Not only can the Time Wolf Juno system automate your payroll rules, but combined with a biometric finger print reader, it also eliminates buddy punching and time theft.

Time Wolf Scout

The Time Wolf Scout system offers the versatility of a durable biometric hand geometry reader with the complexity to accurately calculate payroll rules and more.

More About Time Wolf Pack

Time Wolf Pack is different from the standard version of Time Wolf. While it still maintains all the features like custom policies, overtime tracking, automated accruals, backups and more, Time Wolf Pack has the added benefit of multi-user networking.

That means that more than one person can be on the Time Wolf System at the same time. In fact you can have as many people access the software as you want.

Moreover, rather than having your employees clocking into the Time Wolf System via one computer, they can clock in & out at their own computer, as long as its connected to the network.

Time Wolf Pack is perfect for companies with a network and a need to have the software running on more than one computer.

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