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Time Wolf

The standard version of Time Wolf is capable of performing all the basic functions needed to keep track of time and attendance. Time Wolf runs on a single computer where employees can use the keyboard to punch in and out. From the manager module, administrators can easily print reports and even export to payroll. Use the employee update forms to keep vital information about employees…

even after they have left the company! Time Wolf is the perfect software for companies who want to make time and attendance tracking simple!

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Time Wolf Pack

Time Wolf Pack version has all the great features of Time Wolf with the added benefit of network capabilities. Now users can clock in and out via their own PC terminal. Simply install the software onto your companies server and all terminals connected to the server can access the employee module securely.

Time Wolf Pack is the perfect solution for companies where the employee count is high enough that utilizing one computer might not be efficient. Time Wolf Pack 4.0 is the latest in Time & Attendance technology that can automate your labor management process while saving you time & money.

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Time Wolf Zyphyr

Time Wolf Zephyr version comes with a proximity badge reader, in addition to all the functionality of Time Wolf. The Time Wolf Zephyr is a smart badge reader, meaning it can store up to 10,000 user punches.These punches can be downloaded to the computer via serial cable.

The Time Wolf Zephyr also has audio confirmation capabilities. When an employee clocks in, the Time Wolf Zephyr will confirm the punch with a vocal response i.e. “Badge Accepted, Thank You”. The Time Wolf Zephyr also allows you to change departments at the terminal.

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Time Wolf Juno

Time Wolf Juno is a sophisticated combination of Time Wolf and the Juno Fingerprint reader. The Time Wolf Juno uses a fingerprint reader to verify the employees identity and eliminate buddy punching. The user simply inserts their finger into the green sensor which scans & identifies the user in less than two seconds. Capable of storing up to 1,500 users and 30,000 transactions.

These punches can be downloaded via cable or USB Flash drive. Time Wolf Juno is perfect for companies who want easy time and attendance management and eliminate time theft. Not to mention that the Time Wolf Juno can register any one of the10 digits!

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Time Wolf Scout

Time Wolf Scout uses the latest in biometric hand geometry technology to verify the identity of an employee. Using over 90 distinct measurements the Time Wolf Scout Biometric hand geometry reader scans the employees hand with the highest degree of accuracy to combat buddy punching and time theft.

The Time Wolf Scout terminal does not actually store scans of the employees hand, making it completely secure. Combined with the easy to use features of Time Wolf, this combination is perfect for companies who want easy time and attendance management and eliminate time theft.

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Time Wolf Accessories

Time Wolf comes with many features, but there might be other accessories and upgrades you can benefit from. While we list all the available accessories with each product. You can click here to view a list of all of our available hardware and software accessories.

  • Scheduling
  • Accruals Plus
  • Multi-User Network
  • Time Wolf Badges
  • Add Employees
  • Support & Maintenance
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